Thursday, 26 May 2011

How would I know I didn't need anything?

Peter and John were good friends.

One day, both of them came to an electronics shop.

Peter went in and took the opportunity to browse around. John meanwhile just window-shopped from the outside.

After 15 minutes, Peter came out empty handed.

"Did you find anything you liked?" asked John to Peter.

"Nope. I didn't need anything at all." said Peter shaking his head.

"Then why did you enter the store?" John pursued with an incredulous look.

Peter smiled: "How would I know I didn’t need anything had I not gone in?”

This short story is an adaptation of a buddhist parable.

Pause for a while.

Do I  have strong opinion on subject matters that were formed by window-shopping outside the store? 


  1. Hi SMOL

    The issue about going into the shop is that sometimes it creates the expectation that you should buy something rather than walk out empty handed. So just doing window shopping and not walking in is my own may of not being "tempted" to buy stuff I don't need but may want. :-)

    It's for that reason I've barred myself voluntarily from the two casinos in Singapore just to make it so inconvenient for me to want to remove my name from the self-exclusion list. :-)

    Be well and prosper.

  2. Hello PG,

    Yes. There are somethings I would rather not "walk into the shop" too - like trying drugs out.

    That would also mean I am not in a position to "judge" or "label" those that do decide to "walk into the shop" when it comes to experimenting with drugs.

    I've not walked in their shoes.

    But for most other things, I would rather try it out personally first before having an opinion.


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