Friday, 24 December 2010

12 months to financial freedom!

2 more days before Christmas. Time for a bit of reflection.......

Things are working well financially for me.  If I don't make silly mistakes for the next 12 months, I should be able to retire "early" by the end of next Christmas after my 44th birthday in November 2011.

My original plan was to retire at 55. But hey! 7 years of working overseas has accelerated my savings power by 3 fold.  If ah kong (Singapore lingo to mean "company") pays for housing, utilities, and mobile, it's not difficult to up-size my savings (No, I am not a high income earner; more a low maintenance guy. Any rich ladies reading this?).

Add "lucky" investment made during this financial crisis, my passive cash flow is now able to support my desired lifestyle: be a Singapore Man of Leisure (And I don't have to marry a rich wife to do that, sigh.....).

This "virgin' post is to track my journey towards the "R" day.

Wish me luck!


  1. wow. i hope you could share how lucky they are but great to hear that you will be able to retire so early.


  2. Hi Drizzt,

    I am one of your regular reader of Investment Moats. Own some of the stocks you tracked ;) I will share my journey in due time. It's a story of "early" speculation success, then lost everything, then took the road to recovery via getting financial literacy first. New to blogging so maybe I write my story and send it to you as a guest posting?

  3. I would be glad to Mr Man of Leisure. Should be a great story.

  4. btw you can send to

  5. " 7 years of working overseas has accelerated my savings power by 3 fold. "

    Entering 10th Year for me. Pay may have doubled or even tripled for some lucky ones but is the saving that's matter.

    1. Cory,

      100% savings rate on zero income is still zero dollars.

      Income tripled but zero savings is still zero dollars.

      So both earnings power and savings discipline are equally important.

      Having said that, given a choice, I wish I had more earnings power!

  6. Smol,

    13 years since this post. More than a decade. Well documented and going strong as per now. May your post continue longest possible.



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