Tuesday 13 December 2016

Who died and made you Indian Chief?

For those of us in my generation, its a common phrase we use during our National Service.

In our little financial bloggers community, its definitely a breeding ground for lots of self-styled Indian Chiefs. Wink.

Let's turn the tables and focus on us for a change.

If you are a polytechnic graduate, doing well in your career with frequent promotions despite not having a university degree, guess what? You often get well meaning advice to "upgrade" and study for a degree from classmates whose career are not going anywhere, but they are always on the paper chase thinking that more ABCs behind their names will help them in that promotion they so desperately seek...

You are single and happy but every stranger you meet always tell you to get married. Yet their marriage lives are not exactly what you call "bliss"...

You happy and contented being a believer of your own faith. You put the symbol of your faith outside your door. Then some strangers come knock on your door and tell you in your face your faith is wrong and you are believing in false gods...

To those over enthusiastic evangelists, how would you feel if some militant atheists come to your house and tell you its the 21st century already?

You enjoy life and never bother anyone. But everyone is always telling you how to live your life - with good intentions of course:

Don't smoke - wait you get lung cancer. You die.

Don't drink - can get liver cancer. You die.

You eating that fried chicken? High cholesterol. Wait you get stroke or heart attack. You die.

You buy Toto? You know the odds of you winning? See? If you save and 30 years later...

Eh, you look fat (how rude!), still don't diet or exercise? Obese no good. I think you know the drill by now. You'll get this and that.

And then you die!

Friends, in the long run we all die lah.


  1. LOL,

    Chinese New year all the most prevelant. A girl eh, must study hard, next time no need like me work under the son. Hey u not planning for your second baby?

    What to do, need to do some cheap talk to start the conversation. I am guilty of this too. Hey so why are u doing in your line? Thereafter I ask more qns pertaining to the person's work. If the person dun feel like sharing, then have to shut up.

    I particularly dun like this phrase of encouragement. I am not referring to anyone, honest. Just dun like the words. If I can do it so can u ...

    Really huh, I can eat shit u can do? So, if u mortal can do it too, I cannot do it means I am a lesser being ?

    I prefer "let's do this together"

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      If we can master the art of one ear in; one ear out - that's when we have reach Confucius' 耳顺 during our 60s ;)


  2. Hi SMOL,

    haha, so you're the indian chief who tells people not to tell people what to do :)

    1. LP,

      Eh? Nani? (What in Japanese)

      Mana? (Where in Malay)


      I where got explicitly say so in my blog post above?

      You good. You understand the language of women.

      That's the advantage of being well-trained by the women in my life. I've picked up some of their Jedi skill of saying something by not saying it; and not saying something by saying it.


      You are the odd one. Most engineers and science guys are so left-brained that gymnastics with languages are beyond them....

      I think its either you are well trained by your wife or its because of your artistic background ;)

  3. HAHA, probably well trained by both, plus I read, so I lived multiple lives in my life time :)

    1. LP,

      Yes, a good book and the right woman, what more can a man ask for?

      To living!


  4. Hi Jared,

    Who who who, who push you to find girlfriend get married? CNY coming, all the aunties bringing out the firing guns! =P

    1. Jes,

      No one in particular; but people will often ask why I'm not married a bit like the casual greeting, "Have you eaten?"


      At my current weekend workplace, half the male promoters have either Vietnamese or China wives.

      For Singaporean guys, getting married is never a problem.

      I do enjoy my singlehood phase now :)

    2. Well, my Cousin 40++ married a Vietnamese young girl only 21 that moment, younger than me. After she gave birth my niece. Then she ran away back Vietnam and didn't want come back to Malaysia anymore. My Cousin not a rich man, think he didn't let her enjoy life and they have no love between them.

      Anyway they have divorced. That Vietnamese bride didn't back Malaysia few year and full of lies. My Cousin then applied for divorce.

      No love better don't get married.

    3. yeh,

      Getting married and having kids because big daddy exhort you to must be one of the dumbest acts one can do as sheepie.

      But if you really want to get married but can't find a partner (local girls see you no up), I guess mail-order-brides or arranged marriages (paid kind) are the way to go.

      Willing buyer; willing seller.

      I don't judge least others will judge me.

    4. willing buyer, willing seller. sound like buy share:)

    5. Do you think these foreign brides married off to suffer and live as poor wife?

      Let be realistic.

      My 50 year old colleague married Vietnamese bride and every year end he will bring his wife and one kid back to her hometown. He is treated by parents-in-law like Lord.

    6. i am just sharing my cousin case study.

    7. CW and yeh,

      Everything is a speculation.

      The Singaporean man wishes to have a family (or low cost servant); while the foreign bride wishes to have a better life for herself (and/or her family).

      Divorce is cut-loss.

      Buy-and-hold is either you've struck the jackpot as in happily ever after, or you suffer silently just to keep up appearances...

      We stay together for the children...

  5. By now, all aunties and uncles should have given up! :-)

    1. CW,

      Unless some "accident" happens, its very likely I'll be the last of my branch.

      Lucky I not very traditional Chinese; if not how to live with the label of being most "unfilial"?

      Its OK lah! The other branches of our family tree are reproducing. So its all good :)

  6. Your last sentence reminds me of the latin phrase Nascentes morimur.

    Poignant point. As for me, I'll try to live a courageous and authentic life, with conviction to my beliefs yet teachable in spirit :)

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Ah! I see you are more "ang moh pie".

      For me, I prefer the Japanese ikigai - the reason why I get up in the morning.

      I guess the thing about being an agnostic that's one or two steps away from being an atheist is that I don't believe this life is a full dress rehearsal for the next life beyond. Nor do I have infinite amount of reincarnations to get it "right".

      That means grasshoppers like me have to live in the here and now ;)

      And hope I don't fxxx it up!

  7. How we wish we can live life NOT in others' expectation but most of the time we are still living consciously or subconsciously by the expectations of our parents, boss, peers, bf/gf, wife /husband...
    When we 'flip position', can we don't tell the ones that matters to us what to do? Hmm... maybe that we need more zen-ness haha

    1. Rainbow girl,

      Ah! The yoke of great expectations...

      I guess we can start first with ourselves by not putting yokes on others.

      No goals or KPIs on relationships ;)

      Just enjoy their presence.

  8. So,

    Still no boyfriend/girlfriend?
    Still don't want to get married?
    Still don't want to get HDB?
    Still don't want to have children?
    Still don't want to have second child?
    Still ...


    1. Kevin,

      It's no win.

      If we retort back, they'll say I "care" about you. Caring for you "wrong" meh?

      So just smile and walk away...


  9. LOL, just do whatever you like, as long as it doesn't cause harm to other people.
    Allow me to share the modified version -

    Don't smoke (in front of others) - wait you (make other people) get lung cancer. You (make them) die.

    Don't (jio your friends for) drink - (they) can get liver cancer. You (make them) die. (Drink only if your friends jio u)

    You eating that fried chicken (and always buy fried chicken for your friends) ? High cholesterol. Wait you (make them) get stroke or heart attack. You (make them) die.

    You (got no money and borrow from your friends and) buy Toto? You know the odds of you winning? See? If you save and 30 years later...

    1. Hey! Welcome!

      Not everyday a young venture capitalist will visit this watering hole ;)

      Thanks for the modified version!

      I see you have a sense of humour too ;)


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