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Monday, 10 October 2016

Come! I recommend you jio Uncle8888 for coffee!

Treated him once; he now keep pestering for coffee at my watering hole...

So to get him off my back, I now write this advertorial to "lelong" his "Act of Charity" to you all.

Uncle8888 aka CW (I call him affectionately as the fisherman) has recently retired.

And he got only one final pokemon to catch before he retires completely from the game...

Yup! Time is on his side!

If you would like to seek the advice from a senior who has walked the walked; talked the talked - then look no further.

Someone who has climbed down the mountain.

Contrast it with you taking advice from someone who is still trying to climb up the mountain himself/herself... 

What the fisherman says is based on his personal track record and actual life experience; not straight line "extrapolations" or "prognosis".

All he asks in return is a drink (copy cat). He seems to like Ya Kun kopi black.

Go! Jio him for a drink at his blog DIRECTLY.

Got "heart", you'll find his email address.

If really cannot, write to me at my "jio me for coffee" (all the way at the bottom of my blog), and I'll tell you his email address.

But first, you'll have to sit through me "lecture you" on why its harder for you to succeed in life if you expect the mountain to move to you - the entitlement mentality.

Yah you!

The one who keep asking, "What stock should I buy?" or "At this price can buy or not?"


  1. haha your last few para will scare off those people to leave a comment 'jio me' heehee

    1. Jimmy,

      That's the purpose!

      I have no patience with people who are so lazy or so disinterested as to make an effort to find a simple email in a blog.

      Amazing we have people who think they can "ask" their way out to financial freedom?

      Of course the only ones eager to serve these "bei kambings" will be snake-oils rubbing their hands in glee - for a lucrative "fee" of course!

  2. Hi SMOL,

    Didn't know you are into the pimping business HAHA

    1. LP,

      Times are getting bad mah...

      Man-whore business also affected.

      Expat clients in the O&G and banking sectors are being retrenched...

      Need to upgrade to papa-san to earn overriding "drinks" :(

      I get thirsty...

      In the spirit of my SMOL tagline - why pay for drinks when others are willing to pay?


  3. Hi SMOL

    Can book 3-in-1 coffee session?

    Uncle CW, LP and SMOL time 3-in-1 coffee Super Group?

    1. B,

      Boleh. Can. Wait. Maybe.

      First, I have to entrap the butterfly into my harlem ;)

      Of the 3 of us, CW and I are the easiest to ask out - provided its on weekdays - morning, afternoon, evenings - no problem.

      I can also do after midnight, but it will cost double - 2 drinks!

      Time is on our side. (CW so romantic and loving; weekends reserved for wife. Poor me have to work...)

      As for the butterfly, he is more free during Decembers.

      So if you can wait till December, let me know and I'll arrange the rest ;)

      Eh! 3-in-1 coffee you go ask that bleeding heart!

      LP and I won't mind, but CW die die won't accept one!


      P.S. I need aircon place can? I melt easy. Women can scintillate; I just sweat like a horse :(

    2. Can, no need to wait till dec.. I think by end Oct I should be relatively free :)

    3. 1) LP,


      2) B,

      Don't you dare wriggle out of it! Come end Oct, I'll sound the Horn of Gondor!

      4 insects shall meet: Ant, Grasshopper, Butterfly, and Bee.

      What? At short notice, that's the only nick I can think of!

    4. Hey hey, can I 'chap jit car'? :P

      It's ok to say no. I can well take rejection! LOL.

    5. 1) Endrene,

      Since B is the one buying coffee, I cannot any-o-how add people... Also its better to meet in smaller groups.

      We have our own gathering with CW, LP, you, and I?

      Yes, the real reason is I'm not going to share your pretty dimples with other men!

      I am that selfish. Bite me!

      Let me check with LP and CW :)

      2) LP & CW,

      I sneaky snake-oil or what?

      One big gathering we "lugi".

      By splitting up the gatherings into smaller groups, we'll get free coffee EACH and EVERY time ;)


    6. Throw you curve ball and you can 'hope' so nicely. Give 2 two thumbs up and a bag of gorli, LOL!

    7. Weekdays are okay other than the day likely to be Tuesday when wife decides it is time to go to JB to top up her Sarsi sweets for her kids or Teochew steam Red Snapper or curry fish head!

    8. Endrene,

      What to do? After multiple rejections from women, I've picked a trick or two from you girls ;)

      CW and I free next week. LP we will have to wait till end Oct when he is free.

      You decide ;)

    9. CW,

      Got it!

      I'll block off Tuesdays for you. If readers die die want to meet up with you, I'll charge them double!

    10. SMOL,

      Your EQ and PR skills unparalleled! But use it on women? Only bimbo will bite lah! ROFL.

      I hold a full time job. So only evenings are ok. I'm thinking of applying leave on Fri, 28 Oct. Can have lunch, kopi or high tea then.

    11. Endrene,

      A man can only try mah...

      9 of 10 "Can I buy you a drink?" will fall flat...

      But the 10th one? Huba-huba! LOL!

      OK, I'll let you know ;)

    12. I thought salesmen will try for 10th; but non salesmen will give up sooner than 10th. No?

    13. CW,

      This is how we motivate and inspire salespersons to double their income:

      If their sales track record (like my ask girl out record) is 1 out of 10 will bite, this is how they can double their sales commissions:

      Work harder way - now go meet 20 customers!

      Work smarter - improve prospecting/closing skills so 1 out of 5 will buy!

      Or do both at the same time!

      That's why sales in one of those professions where we can double our income without getting a promotion ;)

      Can we apply it to trading? You think why I want to improve my entries and exits?

      Ha ha!

    14. It's translating leads to prospects then gunning for the close. Don't try to skip the step of ploughing. Sales doesn't fall from theach sky! LOL.

      Paiseh, realised that I can't take leave on 28 Oct cos need to conduct interview in the afternoon. I have applied leave for next Thursday, 20 Oct. So breakfast, lunch, high tea or dinner all boleh!

    15. For trading, you can adjust your position sizing! Same effort, more revenue. Can't huat big big but can also pok gai fast fast! :P

    16. I mean 'can huat big big'

    17. Endrene,

      OK, I and CW should be no problem; but need to check with LP before confirming.

      Same for sales mah!

      I can double and triple my income by selling combs to monks and ice to Eskimos.

      But once the monks and Eskimos realise what I've done to them, you think I will get referral business from them?

      Leverage is fun until it bites!

      Work hard is "exalted" until it becomes sudden death from overwork like in Japan...

      Optimise; not maximise.

      Middle path.

    18. OK! Wait for your confirmation. :D

  4. Haha so interesting meet up!!

    1. OT83,

      Funny right?

      Tomorrow the fisherman and me will jointly meet up with a reader.

      Let's cross fingers we don't flip tables and break bottles.

      CW and I have been poking and bantering with each other for ages!

      If lucky, the reader will get a chance to see how I challenge and do verifications ;)

      有影吗? Wu yia bo? Is that right?

      See if CW's neck veins will pop!


    2. City Hall MRT station has policemen patrolling there. So don't anyhow cause alarm!

    3. CW,

      I doing my Wrestlemania pre-match trash talk.

      Hee hee.

      When we meet, we will probably do group hug and sing - We are the world, we are the children...


  5. Ok, I need to jio uncle CW soon.

    1. Don't forget Ant and Grasshopper is doing Tag Team - Wrestlemania style and one must also remember that SMOL is proud of his days as Facilitator. :-)

    2. CW,

      No worries. We are jazz players. We do it free and easy. If people want to see you play solo, so be it!

      I'm fine :)

      But I'll still take my 10% overriding cut.

      10 people jio you out for drinks, you treat me 1 drink ;)

      And if others want to listen to a jazz band, we can jio the butterfly and other friends along!

      I man-whore remember?

      If reader wants to know passive indexing, I'll jio Andy and Kevin along.

      If reader is more into older trading men, I'll jio you, temperament, and coconut :)

      And if reader wants to know more about the Doctrine of Election, I'll definitely jio temperament and Yaruzi!

      Sex, religion, politics - anything under the sun!


      Hmm, if this goes well, maybe I can be the Irene Ang of financial bloggers?

    3. any trading band of brothers? :)

    4. Jimmy,


      CW - multiple rounds 1, 2, 3, 4...

      temperament - cyclical trading

      coconut - intraday

      SMOL - trend trading.

      Sorry, we are the band of older trading men. I'm the youngest ;)

      If you interested in younger trading men, do check their I/C first OK?

      Below 16 cannot.

      Will get rotan one you know!?


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