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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Crowdfunding - These young people sure are enterprising!

Last night, I was invited to a watering hole by a group of young entrepreneurs to immerse in their passion on what they intend to do for the real economy.

You know me, I'll do anything for a drink!

Yup, I'm cheaper than Bataam and some say Desker Road too... I did say I'm a man-whore didn't I?

It turned out to be an interesting evening; it's nice to get out of my home-based dungeon once in a while.

Idiot. I'm the oldest at the table. Once upon a time, when I left school at 16. I was often the youngest at the work place. What happened?

I guess I've to find a moonlit night and a lamp post and start singing "Memories" by Cats. 

Something for everyone - Fundnel

1.  If you have some spare change as in a few Ks to burn, and not averse to taking a bit of calculated risks in your lives (rock climbers, scuba divers, X-treme sports enthusiasts, etc) check it out. If it ain't fun, don't do it! 

2. Life have treated you well in your business/career (accredited investors), and you don't mind giving other budding entrepreneurs a helping hand or two (not the director's couch kind), who knows? You could be involved in the discovery of the next Alibaba? How cool is that!?  

3. You are already an entrepreneur and is seeking alternative avenues to secure funding, just as long you are not adverse to kissing the asses of hundreds, if not thousands of sugar daddies and mommies; feel free to explore further. Yes, do bring a bottle of Listerine along.

4. As for the rest of us bystanders, I would strongly encourage you to scroll down the website to "About Us" and click on the "Management Team" tab.

What do you see?

By the way, the watering hole I was at last night is owned by of them.

Got to love the energy and fire of youth!


  1. Agree. I just spoke to Benjamin Twoon a while ago.

    1. apenquotes,

      First impression was oh dear, they are uptown boys with American accents; I'm HDB street urchin with Singlish.

      Then common ground! Gaming!

      So glad I was gaming during my early 30s as an overaged kid with Counter-Strike and Diablo.

      Even now, how many 48 year young adults know Team Secret and Vici Gaming of Dota 2?


  2. Alamak, why do I read this only today? I am too slow. We could have chatted about this topic last night. I am keen to hear more of your watering hole experience with those guys.
    So how?

    1. Andy,

      I went, I ate, I drank, and I left ;)


      I'm a freeloader 2 nights in a row! Talk about parasite me!

      It was great meeting you in person and to know a bit more about your background.

      Come to think of it, I can also say I did my apprenticeship with all those jobs I did before I stumbled into IKEA ;)

      Oh! About those young men from Fundnel, its very interesting to listen to the young ex-investment banker talk about his IPO book building phase - and some were the big names in recent years!

      Then there's this designer (with very cool hair-cut) that helped with SGX's rebranding. Get outta here!

      And finally there's this marketing strategy consultant (who owned the restaurant) is with one of the big names in Advertising/Marketing.

      They know the founder of Razer too. Too bad I'm more an Alienware guy; I guess I won't be asking them for discount lobangs :(

      Must encourage your children to be gamers!

      They can either turn pro or their LAN buddies may turned out to be high flyers in their respective industries. Talk about old gamers' network!

      I think I must find a weekend job at Goldman Sachs. Then I can tell people I work there.

      But must be quick to get away before they probed further and I reveal I worked there as the weekend janitor...

    2. Jared, sounds like one of your apprenticeships back then was with Julius Caesar "veni, vidi, vici".

      Isn't the entire life a string of apprenticeships?

      Do I read some envy there between the lines? "Very cool hair-cut". haha

      No gamers, please, I encourage my kids to not follow the crowd.

      I love those "name-droppers" too.

      Yes, exactly: "Speak the truth, but leave immediately after." - Slowenian Proverb

      Jared, let me know when you need company for watching the world go by and enjoying the flowers along the road. I am curious to hear more about your freeloader-adventures.

    3. Andy,

      Anytime! I do better in smaller groups ;) I don't do well in big groups.

      You saw me leave last night with a can of Coke ;)

      It's Coke original!

      Never say no to sugar :)


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