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Friday, 10 April 2015

Why it's hard to be a Woman

Thank goodness I'm only a man.

"Mom! Got anything to eat? I'm hungry."



  1. You so bad. Never learn to buy supper for mom. Why u still single? No ta pao supper when send gf home?

    1. CW,

      When I first came back after being independent for 7 years, I discovered why mom's face so black black...

      Then I remembered!

      Outside I can be mancho man all I want; once at home, I'm mama's boy!

      I cannot take away mom's ikigai.

      Huh? Dating must ta pao supper one? I never did that :(


  2. You are barely scratching the surface here SMOL. I've plenty to add but I won't because no point since stuck being a woman!

    1. Joyce,

      Guys have it easier. We just have to be ourselves.

      Although few in numbers, there are now some guys who are willing to support their wives' dreams by being stay at home dads.

      I think that's cool.

  3. SMOL,

    The picture is history! Now is new generation woman.

    Why it's hard to be man?

    1. Rolf,

      What is new generation woman?

      You tell me! Why it's hard to be man???

      We are living in a man's world.

    2. SMOL,

      It's a debate that is never ending. :-)

      Not meant to hint anything, and also not try to be an expert here, but frankly, maybe I have better experiences, since I am living with 6 women for many years, being in the helm of the house and still sustaining a healthy, loving and intact family.

      It's normally HARD when u go against yourself. Today's generation (in Sg) is DEFINITELY less HARD than last generation if you are comparing across generations!

      From the pic above, it looks more like wife and girlfriend than old mother. but still If u think ur mum is HARD, ur grandmother is HARDER!

      Most woman may think like a man not because they need to, but mostly because they want to? Man may need to think like a woman, because they were told to do so?

      Look like a young gal is beneficial, because there is element of truth that it does helps in most situation if u use it correctly. Again u can debate but I am talking in most cases!

      Act like a woman. I does not know exactly that means, but I presume it is to be a mother and wife. Yes man need to be a father and husband too. Yes, man does not go through 9 mth of pregnancy. But the woman of last time does not have 4 month paid leave. The woman of last time, may need to go work 1-2 wk after giving birth.

      Work like a horse is true for woman of last time. Work for their children, work for their husband, and all for the house non stop. Today woman work like a horse, but most of them in Sg, they work in their office place rather than home. So do man, who share their workload and maybe wealth is also shared proportionately higher in most cases.

      Of course there are exceptions. But still I am saying base on my experiences which in general are better than most pple hav.

      End of day, I never say man is hard. it is also question because the question of woman is hard is asked?

      Hahahaa.. long winded answers! I am prepared to receive many bullets poke! Siao liao!

    3. Rolf,

      Not this time ;)

      If talking about us, I'll give as good as it takes.

      But since we are talking about women, its best to stick with how we feel and what's on our minds. What's there to debate? We are both out of our depths here ;)

      I just know for a Teochew, I'm glad I'm not as MCP as the older generational Teochews. But that's mainly due to how we were brought up - different times; different cultural context.

      I think the women of my generation have it tough...The sandwiched gals.

      On top have their mom's generation giving pressure that a woman is not complete without a man in her life; and children... Live life for others.

      And bottom have her younger sisters with their YOLO and Western liberal ideas on relationships (marriage is just a certificate). Live life for yourself!

  4. Hi SMOL,

    Wah, thinking also got patent one ah? Think like a man? Is there such a thing?

    Act like lady how to survive in this cold harsh world huh? Unless it's used as a weapon to hunt tigers like in China?

    Look like young girl? To attract men with pedophilia tendencies ah? Yikes.

    Horses? They are athletes now. Where got work? Just running around in turf club.

    The feminist in me is offended. Summon the original author! He/she must kneel and repent!


    1. Endrene,

      1) Man only have one thought on his mind. Now why would a woman think like him unless she is a lesbian?

      2) Madam Butterfly? Now that's acting like a lady!!!

      3) Lolita complex mah. What's the name of the complex when a guy prefers mature women? Not Oedipus complex...

      4) Got air-con stables some more! These thoroughbred win me liao. I only got air-come (fan).

      Do you need bottle-caps to go with the kneeling?

      Careful now. Wait you reveal you are Tiger mum/Tiger wife...

      Cool down. Have a Tiger!


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