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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Love Your Husband


  1. Love your sailing boat if she arrives


  2. Hi SMOL,

    The above is true only when husband is very rich..

    1. Rolf,

      If a woman stays with an obnoxious husband just because "he is rich", I'm not sure whether I should feel sorry for the wife or husband...

      Imagine the only thing we bring into a relationship is money....

    2. Hi SMOL,

      I agree with you. But you misunderstood the meaning of my first comment. I say your post will never be true if it involves true love. The post will only be true if the wife only loved the husband money... and pretend to Love him despite all the less than caring things the husband do.

      If true love is involved, and if the husband does the above-mentioned, it will result in quarrel. otherwise love is lacking somewhere in either one of them!

      Quarrel and temporary unhappiness are part and parcel of true love!

    3. Rolf,

      The kiss and make-up part can be very earth shattering.... And very passionate!

      However, the quarrel part can be a bit draining if its too often... Then it's no longer foreplay :(

      Yes, we do need a bit of Ying and Yang in relationships ;)

      Getting the balance right is the hard part... LOL!

  3. maybe you should do a love your wife series? I think amongst all stated, the only one was forgetting to buy me flowers for my birthday in that first year after he started investing full time as he lost too much $$$

    1. Joyce,

      I may be sensitive to my feminine side but I am still "only" a man.

      I can only say things from a man's perspective ;)

      It's vested interest.

      When I first saw this "Love Your Husband" post, I thought its a great "defense" for us men if we were caught... LOL!

      Wow! Your man really started off with Baptism of Fire!

      A lesser woman would probably not have stood by your man....

      Thumbs up!

  4. Hi SMOL,

    If you love a person, any little thing that person do is cute and can be forgiven. If you hate a person, any little thing that person do is annoying and irritating. So, I'm not sure if the cause and effect of that picture is right or wrong, haha!

    I feel it should be this way:

    IF you love your husband, when he orders you to make tea or coffee, LOVE him anyway.

    IF you love your husband, when he criticizes your cooking, LOVE him anyway.

    IF you love your husband, when he disturbs your sleep by snoring at night, LOVE him anyway.

    IF you love your husband, if he forgets to give you a present on your birthday, LOVE him anyway.

    The same can be said for the other side. Love means that you are with a person IN SPITE of all the nonsense ;)

    1. LP,

      I think the description of man as earth and woman as water is quite apt.

      Man will muddy a woman's water; but a woman's water will help mould the man's earth into a sculpture of his full potential ;)

  5. I like the last paragraph. Hehe. Though I know my wife has a way to make my living life worse than death itself whenever we're at cold war.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    1. SRSI,

      Thank goodness for that!

      An angry woman I not afraid because of the kiss and make-up part; but if during the dating ritual I discover she whines or nags a lot, I bail!

      Life's too short to suffer this kind of slow and agonising torture - death by a thousand nags...

  6. wake up my friend! and face realliality!!!

    no wonder you still single.

    1. coconut,

      I'm Peter Pan; and I'll never grow up ;)

  7. Of all the comments, only coconut can make me laugh.
    My MIL's Hokkien saying, "What type of fish's head will match what type fish's tail".
    You have made your choice, no turning back. Unless you want a "mismatch"

    1. Can still turn back.

      Jim Roger's advice: Better be late than never.

      SMOL should apply for the free ticket and talk to Jim personally. :-)

    2. Ha! Ha!
      Doing a coconut eh?
      You succeeded lah.
      But i think better late than never is not the same as turning back.
      Ask SMOL?

    3. temperament and CW,

      Unless an accident happens (wear raincoat, count cycle safe days, and practice withdrawal, still kenna must be heaven's will), I have already moved on...

      I've no paternal instincts. So I'll stick with living-in-sin when I'm in a relationship.


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