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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Round Table Reflections on Rental Property or Dividend Stocks exercise

Thank you everyone who participated in our exercise on which we would prefer - a rental property or dividend stocks?

Again I stress there is no "right" or "wrong" answers, only opinions. Who is to judge whose opinion is better?

For those who have attended workshops or trainings, at the end of the session, there usually is a round the table reflections from the participants and facilitators.

Let's start with me! 

Tip! Always start your reflections early. If wait till the end, whatever you want to say has already been said by others - boring!

1.  I noticed from the responses, there are broadly 2 groups of decision makers - one group thinks from the head; the other from the heart.

2.  It's interesting most of the respondents are bloggers themselves. Some I know better than others. Most have chosen and gave the reasons why that are in harmony to what they have previously blogged about - their investment philosophy. But a minority, eh.... have responded in a way that's not really "aligned" with what they have blogged in the past... A bit of 自相矛盾... Wink.

3. Guess why I added the genie element to the question? Have you noticed when we ask a question, we get 10,000 questions back? It's human tendency to renegotiate, counter-offer, argue, and do everything else just so we don't have to answer the questions directly.

Have you noticed one blogger who have no problems commenting everywhere, very self-assured, confident, simply can't bring himself to have a bit of fun with this exercise? Why do you think so?   

The one minute dateline is just a subtle cue not to think too much. One respondent picked up on it. Wink. 

4. Most of the time, opportunities do not come in a nice cookie-cutter packaging or format that we prefer. For example, how do I reply if I prefer gold or cash right here right now? Especially if I am of the opinion both rental properties and dividend stocks may suffer a correction soon?

To choose either rental property or dividend stocks will create cognitive dissonance in me. And that's painful. But I still want the million $...

La papillion has successfully demonstrated a way out!

Just choose either one, the genie does not care which you choose. Reasons why? Can say I happy what! Isn't that a good enough reason?

If we choose dividend stocks, we can sell them off this coming Tuesday. If we choose rental property, OK, may take longer as in weeks or months to sell it off, but still very doable.

Either way, we still can convert it to whatever we really prefer once we have sold them off. Wink.

It can be gold, money market funds, or blow it all on wine women and song!


Who says to be financially literate we should read more financial books?

Those who are parents, you may want to encourage your children to read widely - yes, even those frivolous fiction stuffs like 1001 Arabian Nights. Wink.



  1. Hey SMOL,

    Dun be too hard on those who flip-flop(自相矛盾)ok, they fudge from the heart to the head and then back to the heart ma....

    1. sillyinvestor,

      Where got? I merely gave a wink.

      And I never single out anyone by nick.

      Just pointing out sky blue, trees green.

      No value judgement on my part ;)

      Don't you dare add salt and vinegar here! LOL!

      At least we are not like that blogger outside our circle who is very the power one.

      He literally scolds his readers who have the audacity to question and challenge what he has written. What he says is the "gospel truth"?

      I wonder who died and made him "Indian Chief"?

      Even I dare not hazard a "poke" over there. I chicken-out.

    2. CW,

      Look, that person dares to disparage our ancestors, assumes the many Singaporeans as "stupid", laughs at the idea people with low FQ can improve....

      You know my situation.

      What if he taunts me back whether I am a graduate? Do I have a full-time "proper" job?

      What? Go there and have that person throw sand in my face?

      It's quite clear he has no wish to associate with people like me :(

      I am weak and chicken. I stay clear of those men with only 1 book.

  2. In VB, i had to tell someone off when he had tried to tell me what to do. i told him the purpose of a "public forum" is not for someone to tell another what to do. A public forum is free for everyone to share his view or idea. Not for spreading yours or someone's agenda or purpose.
    That's my principle in participating in blogging. i always remember the "On the other hand".......blah......blah...

    1. temperament,

      It amazes me that wannebe "shepherd" tries to tell battle-hardened shepherds and land-owner class "qian beis" what to do!?

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Hmm, which power blogger? The power blogger who is like the genie who appears on and off magically and whose name rhymes with emerald?

    1. LP,

      That's the person.

      If you ask clarifying questions, the problem lies with you and your lack of comprehension skills.

      Go read the post again... Ouch!

    2. Ah, so that's the one :) That one must poke every now and then, otherwise people might think that he is the expert and that only he has the true and right opinion on matters. Nah, can't take it lying down lol

    3. LP,

      I only poke people I like and/or respect.

      Since he is neither, I'll stick with my "boak boak kei".

    4. SMOL, poke me please! :p

    5. ckw-I99,

      Buay tahan. Serve me right for revealing too much.

      You no blog leh?

      Never mind. You lie down. Stomach face me.

      I now rub your tummy.

      You can purr or meow.

  4. Yeah yeah...who is the power one?

    I thot i also quite power. Visiting investment blogs, learning abt "passive" income, value investing, technical analysis.

    Then leave comments telling ppl that retirement is over rated. Lol.

    1. Nooooooo....I nv!!!

      Learning abt investing is first and foremost to be a 好管家。 Also an intellectual stimulation.

      I nv thot the money i hv now is MINE mine....learning to be like an asset manager. Easier to be less emotional abt trades.

      Seriously, once the word "retirement" is erased from my dictionary, there is in fact less stress.

      Retirement concept is self imposed what. If u think abt it, ppl say they wanna make more money to cover their expenses, to hv early retirement. ..for what? Lazy, wanna pursue interest, wanna do something meaningful, etc.

      Investment takes a lot of effort, we covered that. Saving money takes a lot of effort, u know? Robber come to u with knife...Ur money or ur life (time)? Mutual exclusive events happens a lot in life in various situations.

      Pursue interest. If we r doing what we really love, we would not be working a single day of our lives (cliché, i know). If we r not doing what we r passionate abt, no wonder no meaning....

      Wanna do something meaningful? How come one don't find meaning in one's job? How come need to hv special time to do meaningful things?

      Once take away this retirement concept, maybe many issues wld be resolved.

    2. pf,

      You were having fun with us with ironic satirical speech to inflate your balloon of "power".

      Since you don't have a blog for me to"verify" the context and perspective of your speech, just thought I return the fun by "pricking" your balloon.

      Wow! You did a Full Monty for us!!!

      OK, confirm you are a guy (girls don't talk like that). And our future conversations will be on a next level now that you have revealed your cards. Just like we bloggers have done. We are on even footing now..

      Psst. You may want to skip poker. With a prick, you may reveal your cards with your body language and facial expressions....


      You can put your clothes back on now. What a sight on a Monday morning! Geeze!

    3. Whahahhaa.....maintaining a blog is hard work leh. I'm all abt building on collective knowledge and enlarging our knowledge pie. So, u write and I benefit lor. ;)

      Hehehehe....and yar lor. This is the full monty until u investment bloggers give me more stuff to think abt. But 来来去去is all these mah...lol.

      I'm enjoying my public holiday as a humble salaried employee. Maybe i will go spend some of my hard earned money later. Hope u r have a good day too! Cheers!!! :D

    4. pf,

      You do that. Must support our economy with your spending!

  5. Very interesting post, reflection and side show

    1. YJ72,


      All credit goes to temperament who inspired the question in the first place.

      I was pleasantly surprised with the responses too!

    2. Aiyo! SMOL,
      i only know how to "Kacheow". My thinking is 'QIAN , QIAN' only. i always like things as simple as possible; As i can not think so deep leh. Don't have the IQ lah. No ! No credit for me. You are the "mastermind" lah. All credit should go to you. i am learning from you too.

    3. temperament,

      OK, OK. I think we stop the "I love you" and "I love you back" routine.

      Least we send the wrong signals to the boys...


      I still need to attract more women readers here.

      Girls, I'm a skirt-chaser! Sompah!


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