Tuesday 12 November 2013

Sunbathing Naked in Singapore?

Time just blew by when I am having fun!

Found this pic of me at Marina Bay Sands last year sunbathing in the nude?

Just look at the expression of the big mama watching in disgust. You can almost hear her thoughts: "Eh hello! Put it back on you botak man! So kecil also dare to take it out..."


Sometimes we can do with a staycation instead of travelling overseas on a vacation and coming back even more stressed and tired.

Singapore is a fine city!

A lot more to explore and experience in our own backyard you know?



  1. just come to my mind when i see this picture, if there is a crack in the swimming pool, all these people will get suck out and down they go!

    1. swimming in the sky? can't differenciate between fantasy and reality can be very dangerous too haha.

    2. coconut,

      That''s what infinity pools are for - to create the illusion of "we are on top of the world" feeling. Same goes for penthouses. And people are "suckered" into paying more for higher floors be it condos or HDB flats...

      The smart money goes for the ground floor as in landed properties ;)

    3. Ground floor homes no good de. Got problems with insects, rodents, stray cats and dogs.

      Worse if ground floor home is a HDB flat. When the garbage collectors come, will get smell also.

      Ground floor home is only good if staying in GCB! :D

    4. AK,

      Give me an attap house "landed property" anytime! Too bad Pulau Ubin days are numbered...

      I guess I'll have to try overseas if I want to feel the earth beneath my feet.

      I not attas. I am a man of the soil ;)

    5. You can trade your HDB flat for 2 terrace houses in Iskandar across the causeway. Lots of soil! ;p

    6. Hee hee,

      I eying another country in SE Asia ;)

  2. after looking at the picture the second time, wow! indeed it was a very clear view from the "top" haha.

  3. Hi SMOL

    Wow, that's a million bucks picture. Is any media offering that to you yet? hahaha.

    Sunbathing in Singapore no privacy, have to look left right up and down. Better yet go to one of the legalised beach and we can relax, small or big urmm... the place I mean.

    1. B,

      Maybe I should ask the Art schools like NAFA or LaSalle whether they need a middle-aged body model?

      Might as well get paid for "zoning out"?


      I've only been to the Greek islands where they sun-bath topless. Full nudity I too shy (lack self confidence more likely)...

  4. Ha! Ha!
    Spa bathing in Hokkaido is O. K. lah. In the old days the Japanese even had mixed naked spa bathing. And i think till today, Japanese family still practise bathing together. Save water ma!

    1. temperament,

      The closest I got to communal baths is during basic training during NS - I remember 3 of us sharing 1 shower cubicle....

      No touching!


  5. Hi SMOL,

    Hmm, I'm more interested in the person taking the picture - that's not seen in this picture. What's your relationship with that person? Why did that person bring a camera to a swimming pool?

    I think the big mama is looking at the person taking the pictures. Or thinking about the same things I'm being thinking about in the earlier paragraph.

    Are you left handed because you wore your watch on your right? Or are you right handed because you wore your watch on your right so it's easier to look at time?

    1. LP,

      1) If you click the link Marina Bay Sands on the post you will know my relationship with the photographer ;)

      2) I brought a camera to a swimming pool because I like to take pictures! I very into forms and shapes. I love the guitar shape! Wink, wink.

      3) I am left-handed and very right-brained. Hate maths, think in pictures, likes shades of grey, and very fuzzy when it comes to logic.

      I used to wear my watch on my left-hand until my 20s. Then I switched to right-hand. Just did. No reasons why ;)

      No wonder AK says you are observant!

  6. Hi SMOL,

    Ooh, family member :) I wear a watch on my right too, but I'm right handed, haha! Maybe I've a leftie at heart ;)

  7. Hi SMOL,

    Wah, you have legs that put mine to shame! :P

    Hmm...but I don't think it's right to bring camera to a pool.

    Anyway, we have one more thing in common. I wear my watch on my right hand too! It's been like this since young. My mum ever commented that I'm wierd. Haha.

    1. EY,

      Dang, you say the nicest things! (I like!)

      Lucky the camera angle hides my paunch ;)

      Ah! We have another thing in common!

      I guess I shouldn't share where else I've brought my camera into... I'm a people watcher.

      We took pictures openly at MBS as half the people there were busy snapping "I was here pictures" too.

      I was not self-conscious. At public pools, I would.


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