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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Timing is everything!

As little children, we learn instinctively when to ask daddy and mommy to buy as toys. We don't ask for a Sony Playstation when daddy came home bing bing bang bang cursing and swearing the sorry excuse of a boss he has... Nor do we ask mommy money for sweets when she had just lost at mahjong...

A bit older and dating for the first time as teenagers, getting the timing wrong at holding hands and stealing that first kiss is AWKWARD... Get it right and it remains such sweet memories till today. Aw...

During working life, we quickly learn when it's a good time (or not) to ask for a raise from the boss.

If you are into healthy eating or swear by the benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet, you don't go shooting your mouth to strangers sitting next to your dining table that eating meat is bad for them right?

You will only share the benefits of healthy eating to your close friends when they are ready to listen right?

Then there are those who have a bad sense of timing and no sense of empathy. I'm sure you have encountered such people around - if that's not already you!

Just because you believe in something and thinks that something is good for you, it does not automatically mean everyone should see what you see immediately.

At home someone nags. At work more people nags. Media nags. Big Daddy also nags.

This is good for you; that is even better for you! Nag, nag, nag.

Sometime it pays to be patient and sensitive to timing.

If your husband smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day, what makes you think he will listen when he did not listened the first time round? Nagging repetitively will make it better?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. 

Who says so!? (Wah, so fierce!) 

Albert Einstein says so. (This is to pander to those who prefers to listen to big names than do the thinking themselves)

If you husband informed you that he has just gotten news that his classmate got lung cancer from smoking, NOW is the time.

"Dear, I need you. Don't leave me early."

Grab his arm or hug him.

"I love you. Our child loves you too."

If he doesn't get it now, he never will!


Not what you were expecting from reading the title?

You are probably early in your investing/trading journey...


In due time, you may realise it's everything to do with waiting for the trade to come to you - when the risk/reward ratio is in our favour.

And patiently waiting for the price/value gap to widen to the extent it provides us a good margin of safety to start nibbling.


  1. no wonder my wife can't trade, she keep nagging at me all the time!

    1. Ah lao eh!

      Don't always stare at the screens lah!

      Come help me with the laundry. Aiyoh!

      Can't you see it's going to rain?

      Hee hee

    2. reminds me of the show the good the bad and the ugly, "want to shot, shot, don't talk"!

    3. sorry hor, house work i am the master cos i'm the one who nag at her ok! what laundry?!

    4. our division of labor is very clear, i'm talking about in the bedroom la.

    5. You mean she does the day shift and you do the night shift?

      My good man, the next Redbull is on me!

    6. no man, the maid do the house work, my wife do the trading shift and i do the rest!

      now you know why i have to stare at the screen all the time.

    7. just flip through the chart of liongold and asiason, can't believe that i actually bot these 2 at their lowest point or almost. my broker actually did a exelent job of executing the trades.

      no wonder he believes price will go much higher, which i feel that too. but for me back to my bread and butter.

    8. coconut,

      You got the dollars; leave the pennies to others. You are more disciplined than me.

      I sometimes over stay my welcome :(

  2. Wah SMOL,
    This article reminds me why you are a "Psycho King". (Super Saleman)
    Timing is everything.
    i believe so is Timing the Market though many people think other wise.
    Maybe i like to clarify. You can't know when the Market going to crash. Nobody can. But after the Market crash, can you do your timing?

    1. temperament,

      I'm just a retail salesman - no super in front.

      No one can time the market; we can only wait for the catalyst to happen.

      Then it's up to us to squeeze the trigger or start 2nd guessing ourselves.

      And that's why I shared at CW's blog that my weakness is still patience.

      I'm much better than when I started, but I can do better in the "do nothing" department.

      That's good. With motivation to improve, I have a reason to get up in the morning ;)

  3. time to brain storm about time. ofcos we now know that time is also a dimension of space time. aka our universe.

    space time can also compress into a singlularity which we usually call black hole, a region. does singularity exits? not only it does, our universe was "born" from it, a point which is smaller than the smallest particles or in quantum, "nothingness".

    so in actual fact, we all born from nothingness, it does not make sense. so the universe has to come from somewhere or at least the energy has to. and that means we also has to come from that some where.

    think this way, we are stuck in space time, are there such thing as "no time"? no, there is no such thing as no time, just like there is no such thing as nothing, it has to be something, in this case time, time from some where where we came from.

    so it means that time will always exit (in us) cos there is no such thing as "no time". same goes to space.

    1. then comes timing, we can never be so lucky to be born in such perfect timing, are you sure we are not somewhere else before that going through hell? ofcos we do cos time can't be stop.

      so there is no such important issue as to timing unless we are looking into individual event (or trade in trading). just like time, trades should be continues and not individual event and should be relative.

      so in conclusion, no such thing as good or bad timing. same goes to trading.

    2. coconut,

      Your discourse is great spacing out when I'm bored with nothing to do.

      My trading diary shows there is such a thing called timing ;)

    3. my trading diary also used to have but now i erase it!

      time and timing, that so call the stop or moment of time, is just an illusion created from our mind.

    4. that brings me to an important point about trading.

      if we persive time and timing, then we are actually trade ourself in the market place, we put ourself right in front of the market.

      but thats not true in my case, i discard time as well as timing and put the market right in front of me.

      what? isn't it the same?

      no its different, first one is to trade yourself in the market, you put yourself first. everything is about yourself. the later one is we simply trade the market and in the process, don't get killed. we put the market in front of us.

    5. equally important is that in the former, we want the market to gives us something, the later is we take or gives what the market wants from us.

    6. coconut,

      Ah! Now that you've put it this way, wakari masu (I understand).

      You''re inside the room. I'm at the threshold; one foot in.

      Have price targets and cut-loss point is better than no trading plans at all. But with these anchoring bias, I am indeed trading myself.

      I should let go and let the market take or give what it wants from me.

      Thanks for finding my heart!

      (I bow)

    7. there is nothing wrong with price target or cut loss point, putting them not necessary means market will want them, as long as these points are dictate by your strategies, not plan but strategies.

      in fact, you should always put them regardless of market condition so that in time, you will know that the strategy works or not.

    8. Yes.

      Like no goals, no aims, no dreams.

      It's not they don't exisit - they are there to help us.

      But we must also be conscious that if we not careful, we can be BOUND by them as well.

      Conversations like these always make my day!

      Coffee on me!

    9. ya, is like saying, money is not important (in trading) but i want to win so badly!

      (or i like you so much but i wanted to punch your face so badly)

      we need both to be sucessful haha.

    10. Ahem...

      You guy I guy...

      Calm down. Calm down.



  4. Hi SMOL

    Timing is important when to kiss my wife. If she is in a bad mood, I will get a tight slap. If the timing is right, I will get double kisses in return.

    Timing for that one moment of magic is not easy to determine nor are we as humans are built to be.

    If only there was a formula to when timing is right. Then it won't be a zero sum game to anyone.

    1. B,

      I am right-brained. It's never about formulas, facts, or figures.

      It's always feelings, intuition, and fuzzy logic!


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