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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Would someone please acknowledge me?

First of all, thanks to LP, Patty, and Ronian for introducing me to zenpencils.com in Facebook.

Here's an interesting comic strip that may hit a chord (or nerve). You decide.

The social media generation

After this post, I'll be going to work soon in 1.5 hours' time.

Now you know why I am working weekends. 


  1. Are you hinting us that you are that child?

  2. "The child is father of the man."
    William Wordsworth

  3. Wow! I not that cerebral lah!

    Yesterday, while having "dinner" (our dinner starts at 4:00 pm - maybe should call it tea-time?) with 2 colleagues, the younger one keeps playing with his smartphone. Very busy, like doing big business!?

    Lucky got the other older colleague to talk to.

    I wonder why the younger colleague joined us for dinner?

    When I was working full-time, I always "poke" at my colleagues who are sitting next to each other but prefers to send emails to each other...

    What the...?

    TALK to each other!


  4. Soon Gov will introduce Head UP campaigns.

    Just too many people are spending most of their "free" time Head Down.


  5. talk so much for what?

    talk less and do more... on your smartphone!

  6. Hey! Welcome back coconut!

    Went away for vacation?

    This month interesting times!

    Fed tapering, Syria, and US debt ceiling. I holding tight to my seat!

  7. LC! what vacation?

    more busy than ever, slowly building up long position le. the market is not collapsing faster than i thought. but a lot of trading opportunities!

    more over my chinese friend is here in town again, spend a lot of time playing billiards haha.

    1. good and bad when he comes back, weekend keep me occupied but weekday trading hours, i almost fall asleep most of the time!

    2. No wonder!

      Volatility is great for quick traders like you.

      Was wondering why you so quiet last week.

      Somebody needs Redbull! Play billiard at night and trade in the day!?

      You power man!

    3. i'm now trying to see if i can of any help with his chinese shares where he bot double the price of what they are right now! he double down until he ran out of money!

      my goodness! how?

      there is only 2 options, one is to sit tight and ride it out and 2, is to wait til our market collapes and transfer back his investment back to s'pore.

      right now his paper loss (which is real losses) is in millions!

      i had been trouble ever since he broke the news to me.

    4. Oh dear,

      That's the danger of averaging down in defiance until no more bullets...

      I was there in China when the China index went from 5,000 to 6,000 (sucked in lots of retail as retail market share was 70% during this period) before collapsing down to just below 2,000.

      Even with China stimulus in 2009, the China index only managed to claw back to 3,000 before coming back down to 2,000 level recently (now retail market share is only 30% - most burnt like your friend and no more bullets)

      I don't think China index will re-visit 6,000 anytime soon.

      Well, if China property market "corrects", you may get your wish on STI and rest of Asia collapsing...

      But listen to yourself. That's going against your long positions in STI you are building...

    5. no! i want the market to collapes and collapes fast and hard!

      my long position is nothing, i'm yet to start the real buying. and i'm not afraid to buy when market collapes.

      when i invest, i don't want my stocks to go up in price! you hear me right.

    6. Phew!

      Then we are on the same page.

      Sky dark dark. Got lightning, got thunder. But no rain drops.

      Brought in laundry and now waiting.

      And waiting...

      You bored play billiards. I bored blog.

      Still waiting.

      So boring ;)

  8. HA! HA!
    Hi coconut you are very funny and cheem to comprehend if one does not have a "little something common" with you. You trade almost daily. i trade almost in bear/bull cycles. Yet what you wish above i can understand completely. Because actually that is my wish all these years. How come got same, same? - A daily trader and a Bear/bull trader.
    You see i am actually a trader too. Only different in time factor
    Thank you for saying so well "for me".

    1. temperament,

      Ironic isn't it?

      Young investors want to buy-and-hold looking FORWARD (and that's include dollar-cost-average in index funds or ETFs).

      Veterans "trade" on different time frames looking BACK.

      Plans and hopes versus ugly scars and painful memories.

      We were young once.

      Oh what I would give to be young once again!

    2. oh temperament, its quite different trading stocks as oppose to trading futures/fx which carries high leverage. you can't do that.

      thats why i now more on stock trading, can make mistakes and get away with it haha.

    3. ofcos, if i'm buying i'm buying for keeps and not for trading (i hope haha)

  9. SMOL,
    Well put!
    i always remember the old movies title something like that: "It's Great To be Young" and "It's a Mad, Mad, World". Do you remember? Ha! Ha!

  10. temperament,

    I remember got watch "It's a Mad, Mad, World".

    But a total blank for "It's Great To be Young"...

    Must try to see if Youtube got this movie :)


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