Wednesday 18 July 2012

Simple Pleasures In Life


  1. Simple pleasures cost little or free to enjoy.

    Some people are complaining about the expensive $20 visit to Garden By Bay but we can walk around the Garden until drop dead is free.

    1. I am very impressed with our Parks and Recreation dept since coming back.

      We have so many new park connectors, garden walkways, and lots of beautiful flowering plants all over Singapore! Great for my morning/evening walks.

      Our public Queenstown Olympic sized pool costs $1 per entry for whole day!? The track and field is free...

      Mcdonald value meal is only $4.50? Athens I paid the equivalent of $10 plus...

      Life without entitlement baggage is lighter :)

    2. i remembered my wife's company annual dinner&dance was free for all staffs and partners in those good old days. We used to attend for many years ; from 20+ to late 30+. And free beers and liquors were served until around 2 A. M. But because it was free, many staffs just indicated they were attending with partners but did not turn up. Just imagine the wastage. So the company started to impose a small fees of maybe $20 to $50 (i could not remember exactly when and how much) for all those who indicated they wanted to attend. By that time we were "too old" to really interested to attend. Anyway, a lot of freebees were restricted by then during the dinner and dance.

      The moral of the story is Human is funny. When something is free, we can't or don't appreciate. In fact we will abuse the privilege. When we need to pay then we started to value it.
      Who doesn't like free-bees? So after all there is "free lunch" but not for long due to abuse; as from my wife's ex-company "D&D".
      i really enjoyed those days of "free annual dinners."

    3. Temperament,

      What you say is so true...

      We take our health for granted until we have to "pay" for the recovery.

      We ignore the "free" love from our family; while preferring to "pay" for the companion of alcohol and meat friends for that ego boost.

      We prefer to shower ourselves with external emblems of success; but without the nourishment of culture, we are just another nouveau riche...

    4. no need to look so far and complicate, the air we breath, is free.

      but if we somehow run out of air, like drowning... er what else to say eh haha...

    5. why so complicate to submit comment, an additional step! why why why?

    6. Coconut,
      The air is indeed free. But what human has been doing to the "AIR"--Polluting with everything you can imagine from this world. SO it means we are abusing our privilege of Freebees.
      Have you heard of oxygen bars in some countries? Ha! Ha!

      Hi SMOL, what do you think? HUH! i have another chance to use your "what do you think again?

    7. now i have to double my time submitting comments $#@#@%.

      don't you know the oxigen supply in hospital are not free, they charge you, of cos when you need it most haha.

      i'm not going to blame us for poluting the air, we are part of it and we make full use of it. don't use it on one hand and then telling others that they are the cause. what madness.

      however, wasting more time submitting comments is diffinately smol fault.

    8. Temperament,

      The way we humans have raped and plundered mother earth in the name of growth and progress...

      I fear mother earth may press the weather "reset" button to protect herself. (In biblical times there was that famous water reset button)

      Other reset buttons are: war, famine, disease.

      I dared not stay too long in Shanghai. The air quality is like smoking a pack of cigarettes by walking on the street. Beijing is even worse!

      That's why some MNCs moved their regional head offices from Hong Kong to Singapore - besides Singapore being cheaper - its also for their expat families' health and well-being.

      Clean air has an economic value ;)

    9. coconut,

      So its you!

      I just came back from Funan and I sneezed just now. Was wondering who missed me ;)

      You have been to other bloggers' blogs before. I am the few who don't have the password protection. I also find it "lei chei".

      Now I understand why other bloggers have it. I just got massive spam attack a few days ago. 20-30 spam comments every day all attacking one particular single post!?

      Bear with it lah! Next post I will removed the password protection to see if the spam has died down.

      But if still kena attack, I have to put the password protection back on :(

      Maybe it's good for you. Toilet training for you: want to "shit", "shit" in one go lah!


    10. ha ha, the problem is i have to verify a few times before i got it correct, sometimes i just give up!

      ok understooded.

  2. We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” ~ Cynthia Ozick :)

    1. durio,

      It took me 7 years being away to appreciate what Singapore has.

      And the most important asset I have - mom.

      Shalom from a mama's boy :)

    2. ooi!

      stop talking about your mom,

      and start looking for girls, plenty FT avaliable.

      don't mind pass this message to her smol. "don't let him come home til he found a girl!"

    3. coconut,

      I had my share of fun in Shanghai with 2 live-in partners :)

      One is a karaoke girl (6 months); another is a master degree holder (2 years). Talk about heaven and earth!

      Athens was a dry spell... My "bawu" didn't work there. LOL!

      There is a time for everything. All in good time :)

      I tell you mother you don't think of her! See if she beat your backside or not!

    4. what fun? who say ask you to have fun.

      one of my friend used to say, "life isn't complete if one don't have children" like chanting (praying). sure, he has 3 children!

      now you know why olden days, people are force to married at a very young age? to prevent runaway kids like you haha.

    5. Oh! You mean long term commitment!!!

      Nah! I haven't grown up yet. Heart not still.

      Flower monk I can!

      Now only interested in "wind and moon".

    6. SMOL,
      It's O. K. . Go , find a DINK minded partner and you may still live happily as MaMa's boy.
      In fact you will get a BONUS.
      Now you can be "Wifey's boy too. i am serious too your not ready to "settle down" mentality.
      Now can i ask, "What do you think again?"
      Ha! Ha!

    7. Temperament,

      I think I better stay "mum".


      I must be getting older... Young I prefer jie-jie. Now starting to notice mei-mei?

      Die! My hormones must be kicking in?

    8. Man doesn't have shelf life in getting jie-jie or mei-mei. Either one as soul-mate will do. :-)

  3. hmmm ... the comments are in fact getting more interesting than the actual post LOLz keep them coming pls ...... ;P

  4. Yes durio,

    My posts are more like "invitation to treat" or "throw brick; attract jade".

    Sometimes I will post about dragons and phoenixes, but the comments will veer to birds and bees!?

    We are like friends sitting in our neighbourhood coffee shop - I poke you here, you poke me there, just shooting the breeze!

    CW is the kungfu master - I think Bei Gai Hong Qi Kong would suit him. He can slay the "myths" of investing with his no-form dragon palm!

    Coconut is the "sort-sort-tei" trader who can short and long himself in the markets - he is the Lao Wan Tong.

    Temperament is the holy man of the cross - he is the Southern Monk ;) (Christianity also got monk what?)

    I am Xi Du - no, not the drug addict! I am the toad who dreams he can write until the young girls cry. Barry Manilow? OMG! I really need therapy!


    1. thanks for introducing me to your 金庸世界 :)
      so you better don't meet 洪七公CW for fear that you 2 will fight! LOL
      personally i like 令狐冲 the most, so carefree, loyal and righteous :)

    2. durio,

      My favourite is Wei Xiao Bao ;)

      For obvious reasons...



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