Tuesday 24 April 2012

The Sheep That Wants To Be Shepherd

In a distant parallel universe where sheep rule the planet Htrae, there was 2 young sheep named Rekcus-bmud and Nepo-seye that dreamt about being a shepherd.

You see, there are only 2 kinds of sheep on that planet – shepherd sheep that lead and sheep that follow the shepherds.

Both these two young sheep, who were the best of friends, have no wish to be like the other sheep, always following and doing what the shepherds demanded or have planned for them.

They too wanted to be their own shepherds. To have a flock of their own each!

“Nepo-seye, do you want to join me in this night seminar I read in the papers?” asked Rekcus-bmud excitedly. “This guru is sharing his secret to shepherd success! And It’s free you know?”

“Eh… OK. You sure it’s free?” Seye-nepo asked with a suspicious look.

After some reassuring words upon checking up, both went to this “free” seminar.

Something interesting happened after the seminar that night. Both Rekcus-bmud and Nepo-seye became converts! 

From only dreaming and talking about how nice if they can be shepherds – to actively doing something about it. No more TALK, it’s now DO for them.

But the paths each took differ.

Although the seminar was “free”, the “real secret” to shepherdhood was only available if the participants were to sacrifice some of the wool on his body for the complete 3 days package. This Rekcus-bmud did most willingly in an almost religious fervour fashion.    

Nepo-seye decided that paying wool to be “told” by shepherds what to do does not make sense when they are already being told by shepherds what to do for free in their everyday lives!?

Nepo-seye was busy researching and observing how this guru shepherd operated:

How many came to this “free” seminar?

How many signed up for the “pay in wool” 3 days package?

How much does the meeting venue cost in wool?

How much did the advertisements in the papers cost?

What trigger words caused the most excitement in the participants? Free is a powerful word Nepo-seye learned!

How the guru used his body language and tone of voice to “sell” beyond the spoken words?

How much roughly did the guru earned in wool that night?

And so on…

Nepo-seye even volunteered to work for free with one of these guru shepherds to complete his research by looking from the inside out, instead of outside in - the path his good friend Rekcus-bmud took. 

Several months later, when both friends meet, Nepo-seye had a shock!

“Rekcus-bmud! What happened to you? Where’s all your wool?”

“I’ve given them all to the gurus as payment for their generosity in sharing their secrets with me. I’ve am trained by 4 gurus now!” exclaimed Rekus-bmud triumphantly. “Next week I’ll be going to my 5th seminar by this guru from overseas!!!”

Nepo-seye peered into his friend’s eyes and offered his most heartfelt advice, “As sheep, the two most important assets we have on our body are our wool and meat.”  

“You don’t have any wool left on your body… Do be careful on what you have signed up for next.”

Rekcus-bmud did not listen and he did not hear… And was heard no more…

Nepo-seye became a shepherd after several years of apprenticeship with shepherds. 

By listening to what shepherd DO, not what they SAY.


  1. First of all, Nepo-seye will not be allowed to become an apprentice for the shepherd only wants his wool.
    Secondly, if Nepo-seye really did get lucky and become an apprentice, he will want as much wool from as many Rekcus because that is the way he makes tonnes of wool, if he still has any conscience left.

    1. financialray,

      Not all shepherds want to fleece wool or meat from their flock.

      Shepherds are opinion leaders. Many do it for free. Like this "fisherman" in Hougang ;)

      Once upon a time, a young Buffet went to work for Graham after reading Graham's book. Many after reading the same Graham's book think there are "shepherds" overnight...

      Sometimes we may need to see the dark of night to appreciate the light of day.

      Asking for wool in payment is not wrong. Promising snake oil as a miracle cure is.

    2. Hi SMOL,
      No wonder Shepherd always says," Do as i say, don't do as i do".

    3. Yes Temperament,

      True mentors and role-models are hard to find; they definitely don't advertise themselves to everyone!

      But fate and chemistry are hard to explain. I've been blessed to have seniors and experienced people guiding me with advice, pokes, kick-in-the-butt when I get too full of myself ;)

      In blogging, I am glad to have 3 seniors here keeping my feet on the ground.

      Thank you Temperament!

    4. When some sheep realized that they are lost for sometime, they will start looking for shepherds. The shepherds will then show the lost sheep the way to the grassland. But, how many will reach the grassland without losing more wool and still lost!

      Instead of looking for shepherds who will promise the road to the grassland. Do what the African elephants do for their migration. They will follow the oldest female or the matriarch who has been there and back many times. She knows where to go and what do and is constantly on guard for whenever a threat to the group’s safety is detected.

    5. CW88888,

      I see you like to watch animal documentaries too!

      Thank you CW8888 for the open sharing of your practical lessons experienced during your investing and trading journey.

      I love your combination of multiple trading rounds 1,2,3 and multi-year multi-bagger holdings!

    6. Like our brain has two side: Left and Right side. Each side of the brain think differently.

      Likewise, the stock market's mind has two side: short-term and long-term mind. Both can be profitable if we can do it right.

      In the stock market, buyers and sellers can be both right or wrong. Only the Guru shepheards are always be right; but the sheep followers are not as nobody could remember when the Guru shepheard was wrong!

  2. When guru charge a high price for their courses an intelligent brings wil be confused. He should be making more than enough with his skills. To me is conflicting and a red light to watch.

    1. Cory,

      Red light indeed.

      True masters/gurus don't accept any Ah Seng, Muthu, or Mohammud as students or apprentices.

      It's a bit like internships. If a company welcomes any number of interns, it's probably taking advantage of seasonal "cheap labour"!

  3. Dear SMOL

    How many of us behave like sheep to be led to give up our wool.

    $90,000+ COEs brings to mind how the shepherd created the situation that the system was meant to solve. COE is a system relying on control of supply yet if failed. Same for bus and mrt situation. The sherpherd did not invest in sufficient preventative maintenance and allowed the pasture to be over-used by massive influx of sheep from all corners of asia and beyond.

    Now we have pastures that are no longer clean and green as the pasture could support 3-4 million but 5 million sheep is overtaxing what the pasture can support.

    I seriously question the quality of the shepherd's leadership.

    Be well and prosper.

    1. I hear you Panzer.

      Shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in 3 generations...

      That's why you and I have B plans instead of passively ranting.

      We are our own shepherds when it comes to our future ;)

      I've no problem with "pay as you go" and "user pays" pricing systems of allocating finite resources - just as long we have alternative choices.

      The compact once upon a time was that if you can't or do not wish to have a car, there's a viable and efficient public transportation alternative.

      It's becoming a harder sell now...

      Lucky taxis still work! This is one example where price increase makes sense - peak hours surcharge.

  4. Although my nick is guru, I m still looking for a master role model, where do we find such role models in the first place ..? Cheers

    1. Guru,

      Try finding one in the mirror.

      If we want to be shepherd, I guess the first starting point is believing in ourselves.

      From your nick, there is no lack of it ;) LOL!

      Jokes aside. If we don't believe in ourselves, who will?

    2. You need Master Guru since you are Guru already. LOL


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