Sunday, August 31, 2014

Difference between Dogs and Cats

Watch this funny video till the end.

Some of you may go "Aw....."

Some of you may want to shout "Oi!"

Which animal is more like you?

Once upon a time I used to complain about companies sending me to the selling floor or front line with no training and no support. 


I'm like the cat. I just give newbies a shove in the back.

Learn by doing is where I've pitched my camp.

I'm not a bleeding heart. 

Some months back, a reader sent me an email asking for the better trading website I can recommend her.

I wrote back: "Try google".

I've never heard from her ever again.

And I thought my reply was good better best!?

If you know how to fish for yourself, you never have to ask others for fish again.

Oh well.....

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Me and My Scooter - Revisited

This is the last of the trilogy of "peeling the onion" stories about me.

Me and My Scooter

This story has nothing to do with principles or outlook on life.

While others prefer to quote this authority says this and that, that guru sermons so and so; this scooter story shows my love of writing in metaphors, analogies, and stories to make a point.

Different strokes for different folks!

I don't take myself too seriously; you shouldn't too.

I can be a bit irreverent; a little bit "no big no small"; and a teeny weeny narcissistic.

Other than wine, women, and song ( 吃喝嫖赌 ) , I don't have ay other bad habits...


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