Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Do you know your HAIR quality?

Big daddy was so impressed with the HAIR model of Shell in recruiting and developing talent that it adopted it for it's own Civil Service.

I've never worked for big daddy and I don't think I'll ever pass through Shell's gates. Although I did get to work as a technician at one of the petrochemical white elephants at one of our offshore islands during my "lost years" - that only lasted 1 month.

So don't worry about me asking you loads of psychological and aptitude test questions. I've no clue myself.

But that doesn't mean we can't have a bit of fun and see how much we know ourselves.

All we need is some empathy and powers of observation. OK, here goes!

H for Helicopter ability

Do you often find yourself focusing on more on MRT breakdowns than let's say the impact of China's burgeoning blue water fleet's impact on China/ASEAN relations?

How about this CPF thingy? Do you get all flustered with all this commotion about CPF - believing that when it's your turn to collect - there's no money there? Or do you spend more time on earning more; saving more - knowing this is what you can control?

A for power of Analysis

This one should be easy for investors and traders! Were you more often wrong or right in the triggers you have pulled?

I mean you buy or sell based on some analysis right?

If you only "followed" the analysis or others, then put your power of analysis as zero.

It works the same if your opinions are mostly shaped by what you've read or heard in the media, and by what others say or do.

Your favourite catch phrase when others ask you for your opinion is: "No comment."

I for sense of Imagination

When you see into the future, do you dream about it? You know those fuzzy, blurry, surreal visions?

Or do you see projections of black and white precise numbers and goals? Especially those SMART ones that were "drummed" into you.

By the way, have you wondered why no one has to be taught how to dream?

What to we call people  who dream big or have outlandish dreams?

Visionaries and Crazies.

R for sense of reality

We have our siblings; relatives; classmates; army mates; colleagues as benchmark.

Compared to them, after reading here, where do you think you rank when it comes to the HAIR model?

Now look at your chosen vehicle for financial freedom.

Is it still appropriate for you?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Success is what we have to sacrifice to achieve it

And what bigger sacrifice than to dedicate and give up your whole life to it?


I'm of the beneficiaries. A child of 67. 



Saturday, March 21, 2015

I challenge you on the 80/20 Pareto Rule!

Have been coughing my lungs out this whole week and even losing my voice for a few days due to the sore throat...

Today feeling better and will be off to work soon.

Now that I've got most of my mojo back, can't help myself to have some fun...

Readers who have thin skins or if you are not familiar with my style, you may want to stop and desist - stop reading.

Only regular readers who are already immunised are recommended to read further. If not, guarantee you will be moody the whole weekend!

First, let me refer you to this interesting blog post by B (I like him; but not in that you OK?): 

The Pareto Principle (80/20) Investing Strategy

Let me ask you some poking questions to see if your understanding is only "skin deep":

1.  Look at your portfolio. Now tell me were they bought based on using the 80/20 rule? (Be honest now)

2.  Explain what is that -40% stock doing in your portfolio? Is it still part of your 20% focus?

3.  Between your earned income and investing returns, which is bigger? Pray tell how much time resources are you spending on your job versus your investments? Explain your understanding of the 80/20 rule to me again?  (And you wonder why you are not doing well in your career)

4.  And for those who have set your financial freedom goals, milestones, and plans; have you done the same for your career? Your family? How about your spiritual goals if you are not an atheist? No Life goals? 

So you are saying the rest are not part of the equation? They belong to the 80% trivial? Your happiness comes from the 20% activities that you have identified as financial freedom? (Please don't let your boss, wife, children, and spiritual leader know)

5.  Do you want our teachers and tuition teachers to practice the 80/20 rule on us and your child? In practice, what's reality? Who's your favourite teacher when you look back? Did they practice 80/20 on you? Are you one of those who support more resources should be spent on elite schools and less on neighbourhood schools?

6.  You are definitely not one of those who complain about income inequality. If those 20% of the elites are ones who generate 80% of the revenues, they should be rewarded with 80% share of the profits! Wrong meh? 

7.  If you are an aspiring writer, singer, or entrepreneur, and you are now "wasting" your evenings and weekends on doing what you really love - your passion. How would you respond to that well meaning friend/relative who is trying to convince you to end your dreams with: 

"Look, you are earning peanuts from your passion. Stop your silly dreams and focus on your day job - it's providing the 80% of your livelihood!"

Its fun and you feel empowered when you agree with the 80/20 rule. That's knowledge. 

You know what's wisdom?

Wisdom is what you do when you discover:

Your boss, your company;

your spouse and family;

your friends;

your teacher, spiritual leader, mentor;

your broker, insurance/property agent, banker;

big daddy

they somehow don't see you as belonging to that famed 20% that they should spend 80% of their time and resources on...

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