Saturday, 6 February 2016

My son is here! Enjoy your food.

Petronas have some of the best and heart warming commercials.

This one I like a lot.

Don't you just love the Malaysian accents?

That's how you tell a Singaporean from a Malaysian overseas. From the moment we said, "Hello!" 

Success, when denominated in $ can easily be benchmarked, do an one-upmanship over others; but when it's measured by how well you have brought up your children...

Children learn from parents.

Financial freedom is just an enabler. It's not supposed to be a "religion".

Do you worship Money?

Or do you let money work for you?

Same same but different!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

How do you make God laugh?

How do you make God laugh?

Tell him about your plans.

Credit: I've stolen this joke with pride from Woody Allen.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

First Things First - Invest In Yourself

Calm down now.

I can see you are full of excitement with that $20,000 of yours.

Can't wait to put money to work is it?

Come. Sit down here with me.

Have a cup of coffee and a char shao bao. Eat!

Allow me to ask you a few questions... 

1.  Know yourself

Think of a skill or competence, where you can crush most of your peers hands down. It can be a hobby, sports, or what you do at school or work. Anything! 

Why is this so?

Did you have to spend any time and effort securing this skill or competence?

Or was it because of some natural attributes that you were born with?

Maybe a bit of both?

Have you travelled on a packaged group tour before?

If no, take some of the $20,000 and go on one! Enjoy yourself!

If yes, have you planned and taken a DIY tour all by yourself? With no travelling companions? Just you and you alone? 

No? Try it! 

If you really timid kind of person and have never done things alone all by yourself ever, I can recommend Hong Kong or Malaysia. Still cannot? It's OK. Don't force it. But take note of the fears and emotions that's keeping you back.

OK, now that you have both first hand experiences of travelling on a packaged group tour and a DIY solo trip, which one would you prefer for your next trip?



2.  Choose your poison

Do you know the common investment vehicles available to retail?

Yes! Oh! You've studied Business Finance at Uni/Poly; and you are very familiar with the different asset classes.


So of all the asset classes, why you zeroed in to equities only? 


Hey! Who am I to judge what you like what you don't like? Equities it is then.

Are you familiar with Fundamental Analysis and/or Technical Analysis?

Yes! Good, good.

No? Can you tell me why you've chosen equities as your preferred investment vehicle again?

Do you want another char shao bao? Sure? Don't be shy! 

3.  Motivation

Why did you choose your course of study at school?

You heard this course once graduated can earn a lot of money?

No reason? You just interested in the subject matter? You never thought of how you'll get a job or how much the starting pay?

No choice? All other courses you cannot get in. So you just grab what's available...

Your mother told you to do so?

You don't say! 

4.  You buy me lunch?

What? Why so generous?

I haven't given you my expert advice yet!!!

No need?

Want more coffee?

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